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Diversity is a strength that we intend to harness. As such, we welcome members from all locations, races, creed, and orientations while embracing a mission to increase the number of active Black angel investors.


Our membership includes executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, investment professionals, lawyers, and other talented individuals. They have professional experiences in a wide range of industries, geographic markets, and corporate stages. They are accredited** or near-accredited investors. They share an interest in connecting to high-growth, early-stage ventures led by talented founders.


BAM’s full-time staff works diligently to curate an amazing experience for our members and identify high-growth, early-stage ventures.


Members of BAM can expect the following:

  • Exposure to high growth, early-stage ventures

  • Education on various topics related to angel investing

  • Fellowship with like-minded, accredited individuals

  • Access to special events in the Miami-area

  • Secure online access to all company information collected by BAM staff

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