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BAM Pitch Night: 5pm Thursday 1st April

4 great investment opportunities take the stage at BAM Pitch Night:

  • CourMed provides enterprise software and innovative concierge delivery (crowdsourced, route, drone and autonomous vehicle) services from healthcare providers to patients home/office. Their primary focus is to serve healthcare providers by delivering quality service to their patients, while ensuring a safe platform for our crowdsourced drivers.

  • Website:

  • Industry: Healthcare Services

  • Location: Dallas, TX (tentatively moving to Miami)

  • Femly Box manufactures & delivers eco-friendly & sustainable feminine hygiene products and delivers to your door. Femly Box also stocks restrooms at organizations like hotels, coworking facilities, and colleges to increase access to feminine care. Femly Box offers a convenient subscription model, low-cost delivery, and social giveback to support women in need.

  • Website:

  • Industry: Healthcare

  • Location: Baltimore, MD

  • KiddieKredit is a mobile chore tracking app that teaches kids about credit. The premise of the app is that the better a child performs their household duties the better their score. KiddieKredit does this by creating a "kredit" score that parallels traditional FICO scoring models. They intend to offer a premium version of the app which includes enhanced features and generate revenue through in-app purchases and product recommendations.

  • Website:

  • Industry: FinTech

  • Location: Miami, FL

  • Sebiya is a Guest Experience System designed to empower boutique hotels and their guests with a contactless full-service app from pre-arrival through departure and beyond. Hotels using Sebiya can begin to create authentic experiences, enhance reviews & ratings while increasing both revenue and repeat business. Samella's goal with Sebiya is simply to help travelers experience more, while lodging professionals work less.

  • Website:

  • Industry: Travel

  • Miami, FL

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