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PITCH Night Feb 27 @5pm

4 great investment opportunities take the stage at BAM Pitch Night:

Propense AI is a B2B predictive sales intelligence SaaS platform that helps enterprise businesses find new revenue streams with existing customers through AI. Enabling firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue.

Lien Library Title companies need fast, reliable, and accurate access to identify outstanding liens or debts on properties for closings to avoid potential risks or liabilities. It takes the cities up to 15 business days to provide them with a lien report. Lien library’s SaaS offering is the solution.

Be$tow BE$TOW is the only solution that replaces cash! Consider yourself at the valet without cash to tip the attendant or housekeeping. Do you want to give them your CashApp handle? Do they prefer Venmo? BE$TOW eliminates this "App Dance" and removes sharing personal details and friction.

MentalHappy There isn’t enough human-power to meet the Tsunami level demand for mental health services. Mental Happy is a software platform to support expert-led support groups.

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