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#BlackAngelsTALK - Investing in Healthcare

Join us on Wed September 28th at 5pm for #BlackAngelsTALK - Investing in Healthcare. We are joined by:

Dr. Norma Kenyon: Vice Provost for Innovation at University of Miami, and Chief Innovation Officer at the MillerSchool of Medicine at the University of Miami.

Christian Seale: A healthcare entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded Vitruvia, the pioneer in tissue repair used by the world’s top athletes, musicians and CEOs and came to Miami in 2015 with a vision for the city to become a global hub of healthcare innovation. He has invested in 28 healthcare companies and sold seven. He recently launched a next generation venture studio, Despierta, to build transformative healthcare companies in Miami.

Nila Bhakuni: Nila serves Baptist Health South Florida as assistant vice president for Innovation. Ms. Bhakuni served as director of Technology Transfer at Dartmouth College, where she instituted a new intellectual property policy, increased startups and provided technology transfer services to Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital.

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