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Replay: Evolving Your Strategy & Creating a Framework for Investing In Startups - May 27

Monique Woodard joins #BlackAnglesU for a fireside chat on strategically investing in startups.

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Evolving Your Strategy & Creating a Framework for Investing in Startups

A fireside chat with venture capital investor, Monique Woodard, about how she is investing in the rapidly shifting market of high-growth startups. Discussing the new, post-COVID investment landscape and what the ‘new normal’ means for angel and venture capital investors investing in startups.


  • Deal flow: how to get it, how to maintain it, and what to do with it

  • Syndicates, funds, and other methods that deliver access beyond your personal network

  • How investors are moving forward during the time of COVID-19

  • Creating a framework for investing for long-term success

Our Panelist

Monique Woodard is a Silicon Valley-based investor who has been an angel, venture capital investor, and advisor to technology companies. She invests at the intersection of technology and newly powerful consumer groups. Her investments include Blavity, Court Buddy, Mented Cosmetics, Silvernest, and many others. Monique invests in the future of technology being driven by major demographic trends. She invests in companies with global ambitions who are creating technology products that meet the needs of tomorrow’s internet users.

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