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Venture Fund Investment Opportunities

Join Black Angels Miami Members Investing in two Venture Funds. On June 22nd and 24th we will have presentations by the following funds:

  • Cake Ventures - led by Monique Woodard

  • MaC Venture Capital - led by Marlon Nichols

These are unique opportunities for accredited investors only. This event is live only and will not be recorded.

Cake Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in early stage companies that are creating technology products that meet the needs of tomorrow’s users. Over the next several years, the biggest change to technology will not be ‘what’, but ‘who’. We invest across sectors into companies that reflect those changing demographics, including; 1) An aging population whose size and spending power has created unique needs across categories like care and social isolation, preventative health, and late-life financial services. 2) Increased spending power of women. Companies in technlogy categories like direct-to- consumer, digital health, and the many ways women save, spend, and invest money. 3) The shift to majority-minority and the changing technology consumption habits and needs that impact social, financial access, and the future of work. These three groups of emerging users represent a collective $18T in annual market share and an increasingly lucrative opportunity for investors.

MAC VENTURE CAPITAL MaC Venture Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on finding ideas, technology, and products that can become infectious. We invest in technology companies that benefit from shifts in cultural trends and behaviors in an increasingly diverse global marketplace.

TRACK RECORD We help entrepreneurs bring the future into focus to find their breakthrough moment. Our proven track record of 100+ investments has unlocked growth opportunities through capital, advisement, and relationship building. Our previous funds’ portfolios have returned capital to investors and continue to appreciate in value. Based on TVPI benchmarks we are performing well above the industry medians for each fund’s respective vintage.

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